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Organizational Management
  Organizational Management
Organizational Management And More Papers - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
MG370-OB (Organizational Management) Case Study 1-Four Essay Questions Question 1: Compare and contrast the concepts of societal culture and organizational culture. Include an explanation of the differences between a low- context culture and a high-context culture. What context culture is the USA? Why would this make a difference when interacting with the Far East? Response 1: Societal culture as defined by Will Kymlicka (1995, p. 76) is the one "which provides its members with meaningful ways of life across the full range of human activities including social, educational, religious, recreational, and economic life, encompassing both public and private spheres". On the other hand, organizational culture as defined by experts in the field is primarily the "normative glue that holds the organization together" (Ritchie, 2000). Hence, organizational culture is the sub-set of societal culture and therefore shares many of its elements, exhibiting either weak or strong culture where weak culture is the one that fails to reinforce its values and norms on the members effectively. In other words, in low-context culture "there is little alignment with organizational values and control must be exercised through extensive procedures and bureaucracy whereas strong culture is the one where "staff respond to stimulus because of their alignment to organizational values" (Wikipedia). Thus, societal culture offers a range of options related to accepted lifestyle to its members as opposed to organizational culture that only focuses on work-related habits and work style not "lifestyle". However, both comprise "shared" attitudes, values, norms, belief and the like. Also in terms of contextuality, the global disparity between cultural norms and expectations and resultant reaction is explained and understood in terms of High context (HC) and Low context (LC) cultures. In LC cultures, people have defined expectations and the flow...   MORE >>
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