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Memory And More Psychology - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
Your Last Name Your First Last Name Instructor Course 27 July 2007 Type of Essay Memory An individuals memory is based on the encoding, storage, and retrieving of information. There are many things that may improve or hinder the way information is stored in the brain. Distractions can make it harder for a student to remember facts he just read or a woman may not be able to get the memory of a traumatic death of a loved one out of her mind. Even objects, places, sounds and smells can all have an impact on the way one retains information. Many people, especially couples, have a song that reminds them of a particular time in their relationship when they were most in love. Music can linger in ones mind and leave a permanent association to a certain person, or a location that might have had important meaning to the person. Smells can often take a person back to a pleasant and familiar space or remind someone of something less appealing. Such triggers are similar to light switches tuning one back into the feelings of a specific or blend of emotions. These individual meanings can make a lasting impression or a permanent reservoir in the mind that can make a memory easy to recall and dread or enjoy once again. Distractions or a disinterest in particular object can prevent a person from develop any lasting memories that can clearly be recalled later. Previous experiences can also provide as an excellent way to remember the way in which things are done. Muscle memory is another way in which the brain automatically recall a reaction to music in a dance or to defend against an attack in martial arts. Memory is a valuable tool used that can very well be said is responsible for survival and wellbeing. Works Cited ``Memory (psychology),'' Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia. 2007. 27 July 2007.   MORE >>
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