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Philosophy of Life
  Philosophy of Life
Philosophy of Life And More Philosophy - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper is written by a young student sharing is experiences and thoughts of his Philosophy class.
Philosophy of Life One thing this class has taught me is that the power and intellect of man has given the human being the power and ability to choose the reality he will be living, the destiny he will pursue, and the environment that he will do it in. Either he has that environment he wants, and the goals he desires, and the fulfillment he seeks, or he has the power to change and pursue those ends thereof. This of course applies to me as well. However, if it is up to me as a human being to formulate my ideals, and pursue my goals, and life is up to me to decide, then how do I make those choices? In other words, how will I choose what I want, how will I decide the environment that is appropriate to pursue it in, how will I decide the world that and reality that I want around me? To me, this seems possible only with deep self reflection, and self-guidance, and the goal of empowering myself to choose and choose effectively, is based on recognizing my deepest instinctive needs and desires. These needs are based being in touch with my spirit, and the desire which I have are manifestations of the need to fulfill specific desires that I believe exists within my soul. I believe this goes for everyone, but everyone has their own faith and chooses their own ways of manifesting these things. For me, I find agreement with the Cartesian notion of utilizing spirituality as means of utilizing my own ability to look into myself as a thought process that needs to be aligned with my deeper desires in order to determine my course of action: "Since we have all been schooled in the Cartesian tradition, our own use of the word "thought" is ambiguous. The problem stems from taking consciousness to mean waking, or experience, and thought to mean mental activity, object of consciousness and even representation. Are being awake and thinking one and the same thing? If you do equate them, then the continuity of the soul is taken to be the...   MORE >>
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