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Short Cuts
  Short Cuts
Short Cuts And More Literature - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper reviews the stories in ''Short Cuts'' - a book by Raymond Carver which portrays ordinary characters who go through difficult situations.
When one reads the stories in Raymond Carver's book Short Cuts, one has the feeling that they are reading the very personal stories and about ordinary each characters with deep emotions. Raymond Carver's straightforward writing style provides an in-depth look into each of his characters and their seemingly ordinary circumstances that could most likely apply to any of us. With his ability to paint the intimate details of the lives and actions of his characters, Carver twists common circumstances that seem ordinary into narratives that provide an extraordinary perspectives of human fraility. In the short story "Neighbors," Carver creates a narrative where the reader gets the opportunity to be drawn into a voyeuristic situation while the neighbors, Bill and Arlene, who are house sitting, intrude on the privacy of their neighbors by going through their personal things: trying on their clothes, and going through their medicine cabinet. Just as you and I most likely watch from our windows the lives of our neighbors, and comment to our friends about what we've seen, Carver unravels the inner secrets of their Bill and Arlene by having them investigate the personal belongings of their neighbors: "[Bill] opened all the cupboards and examined the canned goods, the cereals, the packaged foods, the cocktail and wine glasses...He opened the refrigerator...He pulled out a nightstand drawer...He moved slowly through each room considering everything that fell under his gaze....He opened the closet and selected a Hawaiian shirt ...Bermudas...He shed his own shoes and slipped into the shorts and shirt...poured himself a drink and sipped it on his way to the bedroom" (15- 17). The essential component here is that Carver's narrative presents the clues about both Arlene and Bill and the neighbors without passing judgment. In fact, many of Carver's stories about marginal characters caught up in desperate times, but Carver has this ability to showcase their...   MORE >>
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