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Power and Governance
  Power and Governance
Power and Governance And More Literature - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper provides an historical account of various oppressive powers that have ruled over different people and why they don't survive, and relates it to George Orwell's novel "1984".
Ever since the beginning of mankind, obtaining power and governing over other human beings have been perhaps the second most triggering human instinct after survival. The feeling of being the utmost power is so overwhelming that people have fought battles without thinking twice; for more land, more wealth... more power. Those people have set up sophisticated governmental systems to be able to use their power more efficiently. Some called it monarchy, some oligarchy or totalitarianism. Except for a few differences, they were the same things basically. But far more than that, they all shared an interesting similarity. None of them could last permanently. Partly because of the rebellious nature of human, which can be oppressed for only so long, and partially because none could avoid the fatal mistakes its ancestors had make. The Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest empires in history. It reigned for over 600 years. It is a long time, true. Compared to a human's life span or even an elephant's life span, it is a long time. But at the same time, it is smaller than a dot in the whole flow of history. Adolf Hitler's Third Reich had had quite an effect at its time, too. Hitler claimed that they would be in power for at least a thousand years. The collapse came within a few months. In order to be able to control individuals fully, one has to control their minds, memories and emotions. This was the point that the prior oligarchies lacked. Although brainwashing techniques were practiced all around the world, it was never enough to get complete control over people's minds or emotions. There has been only one system that has been able to practice that complete control: Oligarchical Collectivism of the Party. The Party is the power in George Orwell's 1984. It is the ultimate power. The permanent power. It is different than its likes in the sense that the Party is meant to last forever,...   MORE >>
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