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Historical Events
  Historical Events
Historical Events And More History - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper discusses the importance of remembering historical events, such as Pearl Harbor and September 11 2001.
September 11, 2001 will remain in the memory of Americans much the same as the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. The day it happened created a resurgence of patriotism and civic-mindedness, which had become nearly non- existent in the past several decades. Americans were transformed from the me generation, whose mindset was, "if it feels good, do it" to what would benefit their communities and nation as a whole. Americans have stepped up and volunteered to help others in need and begun to show patriotism by hanging flags and displaying symbols of American pride. It is a wondrous spectacle, but will it take to continue the tide of patriotism, civic- mindedness, and volunteerism? In recent decades the cultural attitudes have focused on the self and less on the community as a whole, not to mention the nation. These attitudes have recently been put aside and can remain that way, if society recognizes where focuses need to shift. To maintain this spirit into future decades, educational focus needs to shift slightly, with a greater focus on history and civic concerns. History in many schools had taken the place as only prerequisite to graduation. Rather, more emphasis needs to be placed on it importance. History education needs to emphasis the battles fought for the freedom that Americans enjoy. The spirit of Americans who risked their lives to worship, speak, and vote freely; The Civil War, which was fought so Blacks were awarded the same rights as White Americans; The struggle of women to have the same as men, during suffrage. Combine the greater emphasis on American history with a requirement to volunteer with those who are in need, especially veterans and refugees. From the veterans, the student may hear tales of service done in nations, in, who lack that which we take for granted. From the refugees, students may further learn first hand what life is in places far different from that experienced in the United States. This...   MORE >>
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