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Substitute Teachers
  Substitute Teachers
Substitute Teachers And More Education - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper explains the importance of a substitute teacher possessing the same qualities as a permanent teacher plus the qualities of flexibility, patience and a pleasant demeanor.
An effective substitute teacher should have the same qualities that a permanent teacher has and a few more. The substitute teacher is on call virtually every day, so the quality of flexibility and patience is needed. Every time a substitute teacher walks into a classroom they are going to have specific instructions that are going to differ from day to day depending on where they are; because of the nature of the job, substitute teachers need to have the ability and the quality of being able to follow instructions and be flexible enough in mind to have a different routine every day. The substitute teacher must also be able to alter their teaching style. One day they might be teaching third grade and the next day sixth grade. Another important thing to note is that sometimes the regular teachers do not leave specific instructions and therefore the substitute teacher must possess the ability to be innovative and imaginative. The must have a resource of projects, assignments, etc., in mind and in their bags. Another quality that makes a good substitute teacher is a pleasant demeanor. Because every day is different, every day the substitute will be dealing with different people - on the phone, in the main office, in the classroom, in the cafeteria, etc. The substitute must have good people skills and be able to adapt to a wide range of personalities. Some characteristics of a well-managed classroom may be different than what most people think. The main problem in a classroom is generally not discipline but a lack of routine. A teacher manages a classroom; a teacher does not discipline a classroom. When effective teaching is happening, behavioral problems are rarely a problem in the classroom. Kids act up when they are bored, when they are unsure of what they should be doing, and when they sense a lack of control from the teacher. In a well- managed classroom, the teacher is in control and welcoming and encouraging at the same time....   MORE >>
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