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George Mason University
  George Mason University
George Mason University And More Education - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
Returning to a university to finish a degree is never easy, but shows a strength of character and a desire for knowledge that are important in a George Mason student. As I hope to return to my major in history, I am looking for a school that is diverse and forward-thinking enough to develop a strong international community, while also providing the quality of resources and teaching staff to help me grow and learn as an academic peer. George Mason is that school, and I am an ideal student for George Mason. George Mason is a school of the future. You pride yourself on innovation and modern excellence. What I see is an environment that is in tune with the world around it. George Mason's diverse student body, the largest in Virginia, is representative of the greater world around us all. As someone with a strong Pakistani background, I was looking for a place to study that recognizes that there is more to an education than dusty library shelves and Ivy League ivory towers. I wanted a place that looked toward the future, bringing students of different backgrounds and interests together, challenging them to learn together. George Mason also embraces the innovation and energy in the world of technology. Studying history doesn't mean cracking old texts in the back of an archives building. It means gaining access to archived materials and primary sources from around the world through the Internet, and talking to scholars from every walk of life through email and other electronic communications. The access to electronic journals and publications will allow me to search in many languages and fields. George Mason recognizes that it is part of a larger, international, enthusiastic academic community. But George Mason is also a school of tradition. I don't mean meaningless traditions of out-dated institutions. I mean that it draws its strength from founding father George Mason. As a lover of history, and a scholar of the past, I find great...   MORE >>
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