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Attributes of an Outstanding Teacher
  Attributes of an Outstanding Teacher
Attributes of an Outstanding Teacher And More Education - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper explains the characteristics needed to be a good teacher.
Attributes of an Outstanding Teacher Firstly, an outstanding teacher has to have a true passion for teaching as a process of knowledge sharing that benefits the society as a whole. Great teachers love teaching and learning processes, and approach these activities with an enthusiastic attitude. They recognize that they do not know everything and do not have all the answers; however, this realization does not discourage them but serves as motivation to always learn, discover, and explore more. A teacher with such attitude is able to relate to students at a much deeper level, as this approach puts both the teacher and the students in the role of eager learners desiring to explore the world. The only difference is that the teacher has spent more years studying and is therefore able to guide the students on their way to becoming productive, well-rounded citizens. In addition, when students see the teacher as someone who is truly passionate about learning and teaching, they often develop a deeper respect for the teacher as a positive role model worthy of following or at least listening to. Other characteristics describing a truly great teacher are patience and creativity. An educator cannot succeed if she/he lacks patience as different students learn at varying pace, some require special attention to overcome emotional issues and/or learning problems, and others simply take a long time to become motivated to learn and do their best. Creativity goes hand-in-hand with patience, as overcoming the abovementioned problems usually requires innovative, customized solutions. 2. How should a teacher address a wide range of skills in his/her classroom? Addressing a spectrum of skills in the classroom is one of the most important issues teachers face in today's world of ever-increasing classroom size and demands for all students to perform well on standardized tests. To address this issue, teachers should start with determining the skill level,...   MORE >>
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