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Operation Management
  Operation Management
Operation Management And More Business - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper describes websites that provide information and help to investors.
1 Regarding Fidelity Investment Website: This site is an investment site and helps one to buy funds, investment in stocks, fixed income, Annuities etc. and also helps an individual to plan for studies as well as retirement. This site also gives the latest market news, which includes market updates, market indexes, commentaries and other analysis. It also gives Video Clippings and Analysis and Videos. This site helps one to open an Account and do investments and trading including Portfolio Management through them. They also help to transfer moneys, shares, pay bills, give out statements of various activities undertaken. All this is possible only by registering with them and keeping them as Brokers and Agents. Once you enter the site it becomes a secured site and all information collected or gathered in the site becomes secured and cannot be accessed by others. Fidelity does not offer these services or products outside their intended countries and each international location is restricted only to that country. For example: Fidelity does not offer their products or services outside their intended countries or regions and any purchase orders from a US investor will not be accepted in the International sites. The international site of this Company is maintained by Non US Affiliates and any material accessed by a US resident will be for information purpose only and will not be an offer to sell or a solicitation to but or a recommendation for any security under the US LAW. Thus, we find that even though the site caters to 12 countries with a general portion called other regions a person has to get registered in a particular region to start accessing the site. Each region has specific location and news of that specific region. 2. The Schwab Site: This site also helps an individual by giving advices and planning a choice of investments, details of market and research and also gives education and resources available for meeting the needs. It is...   MORE >>
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