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Analysis of Team Framework
  Analysis of Team Framework
Analysis of Team Framework And More Business - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
Analysis of Team Framework In creating successful organizations that gel as one entity, it is vital to capture the diverse advantages and disadvantages various methods have to offer. What is it that makes up a successful team? Additionally, what are the differences between face-to-face and virtual teams? In analyzing these questions, there are many aspects that must be highlighted. However, no matter the type of team, core values such as organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and ethical considerations must be adhered to. Finally, as FMC Aberdeen and Bob Lancaster have created an undoubtedly successful business infrastructure, can that process be extracted to a virtual level? No matter the type of team, companies must focus on creating a corporate culture where organizational commitment is key in the minds of all employees. For FMC Aberdeen, "...employee selection for the Aberdeen plant became a rigorous process" (Clawson, 1990). Here, selecting members for any type of teams is crucial for how the unit functions as a whole. However, for virtual teams, strict levels of accountability must be set up front. Moreover, specific deadlines and virtual meetings must be set as teams of this nature are much more reliant on its members to meet specific times and dates. Failure of virtual team members to complete individuals' parts of assignments can create a time lag that can jeopardize the entire project. In FMC Aberdeen, Lancaster and company created a working environment where, "...they would eliminate fear altogether; they would eliminate supervisors and foremen by organizing self-directed work teams, and they would expect people to assume and exercise responsibility" (Clawson, 1990). Once again, this outlook would translate to effective results regardless of the type of team. However, self-directed teams are critical in virtual teams, where there is no face-to-face effect that motivates employees to contribute. In these...   MORE >>
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