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A Comparison of Two Paintings
  A Comparison of Two Paintings
A Comparison of Two Paintings And More Art - Essay Samples And Term Paper For Students
This paper compares two works of art: Deposition by a Follower of Rogier Van derand Deposition by Raphael.
In comparing the paintings Deposition by a Follower of Rogier Van der Weyden, 1460 and Deposition by Raphael, 1507 oil/panel it was very interesting to see the difference about fifty years and about 650 miles can make. One of the first aspects I noticed as a difference in the two works was the setting and background of the scene. Although the two works are of the same subject Rogier Van der Weyden's Deposition sets the people in the paining directly beneath the cross where Christ was crucified to show exactly what has happened: Jesus was killed and has just been taken from the cross. Raphael uses the emotion and action of the figures in his Deposition to explain the events happening, as the hill of Golgotha is far in the background and the crosses on top of it are painted with thin lines. The importance of the cross is still made known as they are painted in a dark color and set against a lighter cloud, and the cross that Jesus would have been on is made a little larger and the sign placed above his head by the Romans is visible. The tomb they are carrying him to is set off to the left side and not made very prevalent in setting the scene. The details of the scenery itself were also quite different. Van der Weyden focused more on the ground as only rocks and dirt with the only plant life appearing in the background in the form of trees and grass, while Raphael placed detailed flowers and plants at the feet of the figures. This could point to a higher interest in botany and studies of nature later in the Renaissance period. The details and emotions portrayed in the figures also seem to have evolved over the years between these two works. In Van der Weyden's work, as The Virgin Mary is leaning over the body of Jesus, her hands are clasped in what looks like prayer. Her face portrays serenity and almost calmness, while in Raphael's work Mary is holding her son's hand and reaching for his face. Her face is looking at him with...   MORE >>
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